Intelligent chilled water fan coil unit, for humidity controls room. by ENERCOV method's cooling coil characteristic controls.
ENERCOV's method humidity control FCUs.
New innovation of humidity controls air conditioner. IFC series, air conditioning system for special function room application to maintain environment such as temperature and humidity at desirably range very precisely. Fan coil unit is stand alone chilled water type which is designed to reduce room moisture at certain comfort condition. No need electric heater, less energy require for operation.
Complete with single phase fan speed control board or fan speed control & CHW control valve signal 0-10VDC
With FUZZY adaptive algorithm adjustable temperature control range 15 - 30oC
humidity 30 - 70%RH
ENERCOV intelligent temp. & humidity controller
ENERCOV's IFH series, new innovation of humidity controls system. It is applied to conventional chilled water fan coil unit to control room temperature and humidity at desirably range without electric heater elements. IFH series provide fully equipments for small FCU system such as micro-processor controller (p/n : ITH-01-CW), display unit (p/n : DT-05HE), room temperature & humidity sensor (p/n : THS-01), fan speed control board (p/n : FCS-01-4A), control signal 0-10VDC for proportional controls valve. IFH-01-CW is suitable for small conventional chilled water fan coil unit from 1.0 to 3.0 tons. IFH-02-CW is suitable for three phase fan motor air handling unit which must supply VSD by other.
Silpakorn University
BSL-3 (P3) BioSafety Level 3
   The perfect climate & environment controls system.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Enthalpy
  • Enthalpy
  • Pressure
  • Cleanliness class
  • Air flow pattern
    IAQ,CO2 and much more...
   Wide range & various climate application  

ENERCOV provides a total solution of climate management system. Airconditioning system is not meaning temperature control only, but could be included the other parameters such as relative humidity, air pressure, dewpoint, moisture content of the air, enthalpy,

Enercov started with a vision to develop and apply
energy saving technology into air properties control.
We are a system solution provider focusing on bringing
energy efficient-based solution creating values and
generating cost savings for our customers.
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